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Friday, April 10, 2015

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Cathy Jo Nelson


Utilizing Instructions to Enrich Learning

In Cathy's blog post, she talks about "entry events". These entry events will engage students in their learning, and it will also get their minds thinking about a topic that is related to the lesson of the day. Cathy explains that whatever tools you use in your classroom, whether it be videos, IPads, or a discussion, make sure you plan ahead for it. Also, Cathy believes that rubrics are important to use and you can use them for anything! I thought it was really neat how her blog post correlated with everything that we are learning in EDM310! Cathy made some really good points in her post about being prepared for each class and utilizing many different tools.

Jenny Luca


Lucacept-intercepting the Web

Jenny Luca posts videos occasionally that she thinks would be a great discussion starter at the beginning of class. This time she chose the Dove Choose Beautiful video. Jenny Luca says, "Which door would you walk through?" And Jenny also says, "What door would I walk through? Beautiful. Damn right." Jenny's response was quite funny to me, but it showed me that she knows she is beautiful just like all women should. I believe that Jenny Luca's discussion starter videos are great for getting the class engaged and ready to learn! I always enjoy looking through Jenny's blog!

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