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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blog Post #1

I never heard anything negative about EDM310 until my third semester in college. I had no clue that EDM310 existed nor did I know that it was required for me to take it. I had heard that EDM310 would be the most laborious class I would have to take in college. This statement created a fear in me, because I was not sure what to expect of the class.

I have an enormous fear about EDM310. It's not necessarily about the class but about my memory. I have an extremely horrible memory, and I forget things frequently. I have to keep a planner of all the things that I have to accomplish every week, and sometimes I still forget to do things. I am a very responsible person, and yet I still cannot quite remember everything. So, I hope to put much focus on this class in order to achieve the grade that I want.
Past Courses
EDM310 and past courses I have taken at the University of South Alabama have one similarity. All courses I have taken at USA have been blended courses or have had some part of the class online. On the other hand, EDM310 is a full online class. There is no paper to turn in and none to receive. That is a scary concept but also a wonderful one, because this allows students to have all of the resources they need to succeed!
The tasks that I find to be difficult in EDM310 would be keeping up with my blog and making sure that I do all of my assignments correctly. Like I said earlier in my post, my memory is not the best at this time in my life, and I know it will be difficult for me to remember all of my assignments. I am going to make sure that I push through my fears and the things that I believe will be difficult in EDM310, stay focused, be on time, stay positive, never give up, and have a wonderful class experience overall!
There are two main questions that I have been wanting to know ever since the EDM310 class started. What is the best way to get all of the information I need so that I will not miss assignments? What can I do to make my blog and assignments more creative and interesting?

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  1. Emily, I was too nervous about taking this course! I had heard from my instructors and fellow education majors that this class was quite a workload! Add several other classes as well as working 20 hours a week, and you've got a busy semester ahead! But I am sure it will be worth it.