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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Peer editing is defined as working with someone your own age to help improve, revise, and edit his or her writing. People approach peer editing in many different ways, but I believe that the best thing to do is start the peer edit with compliments to the person's writing. As I saw in the video, Peer Editing, there are three important steps to remember when you are peer editing.
  1. Compliments- stay positive/tell the writer what they did well
  2. Suggestions- giving specific ideas on how to make the writing better
  3. Corrections- check punctuation, grammar, sentences, and spelling
I will use these three steps when editing my peer's blog post. I will also be a critic as well as a supporter, because peer editing is very important. Why is peer editing important? Well, I will tell you. I believe that peer editing is a way of improving the writer beyond what the writer thinks he or she can do. When your peers write a paper, or a blog post, they write to what they think is their full potential. But, once someone peer edits their paper, what they thought was their full potential has improved. The second step in peer editing is giving suggestions, and this step is a crucial part of the process. When a suggestion is given, it does not mean that what your peer wrote is wrong. A suggestion gives leeway and lets the writer and the editor collaborate on ideas that will help to improve the paper, blog post, etc.  In my opinion, collaborating is the most important part of peer editing, because both parties share ideas and thoughts while also communicating with someone new to them. The communication that happens in peer editing can lead to more opportunities for students in the future. Students will know how to communicate their ideas and ways of thinking, and will allow them to someday further the education of future students.



  1. This was a fantastic blog post! I really enjoyed what you wrote about collaborating. I had never thought about peer editing in that kind of way, but you definitely have to work together to come out with the best product possible. I agree with you about the three steps to peer editing- compliments, suggestions and corrections. I learned about these watching the two videos. I also think the golden rule is very important in peer editing. You should edit one's paper as you would want someone to edit yours.