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Friday, February 6, 2015

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Jennifer Ferguson

On Professor Ferguson's blog, she posted a video titled InfoWhelm and Information Fluency. Professor Ferguson says that she was "in awe at the increase (and continued exponential growth) of our digital output", and I agree with her completely. I believe that teachers must have information fluency and be well aware of all the unique ways to use technology. There has been a 10 percent increase in stored files within the past 6 years, and so this means that students will have to be more informed about how to search the internet for credible sources. And who will be there to teach the students? Teachers! Though, even with teachers, the future sure is going to be a struggle for us all.
Professor Ferguson absolutely inspired me with her blog post titled "Professor Ferguson: An Affectionate Moniker". Professor Ferguson talked about how she had such a strong relationship with her students, and also how she thought that her and her students were both learners. Professor Ferguson thinks that the students have taught her many exciting things and that they have inspired her as well. I love how Professor Ferguson is so honest with her students and how close she is to them. If Professor Ferguson was having a bad day and a student asked her to explain, then she would. Having an honest and close relationship with students is a great way to connect to them on a personal level.
Overall, both blog posts that I commented on were worth watching and reading. Although I have never met Professor Ferguson, I believe that she really understands her students, and she knows that her purpose in life is to be a great teacher! I hope that I am blessed in my career as she has been.
Professor Ferguson's Blog: My Journey as an Educator

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