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Friday, February 27, 2015

Blog Post #7

From the video, Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers, I have learned why it is essential to for me to use technology in the classroom.

1. Students love it
2. It engages the four key components of learning. (active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real world experts)
3. Professional development
4. Makes life easier for teachers
5. Improves test scores
6. Learn from the experts
7. Helps students with low attention spans
8. Encourages completion of homework
9. Saves money
10. Removes obstacles

Technology will only continue to evolve and some day I believe that it will be required in all classrooms. For most schools that teach through technology, they tend to use Macintosh (Mac)computers, iPads, etc. Mac technology has many more features for learning as well teaching tools for teachers than any other form of technology. For example, I have a Windows computer and my computer works well, but I have recently been looking for a video editor through my Windows 8 apps and it has been an impossible task. All of the apps freeze my computer and do not have enough tools for me to completely edit my video how I would like to. On Mac, IMovie is available on the computer for free and has all the necessary tools for editing videos. This is why most schools choose Mac! Mac computers are great teaching tools, and I believe that I will have to learn how to use Mac before I can become a teacher. I love technology, but since I do not own a Mac computer, learning how to use one is going to be a struggle. I will be working on saving up enough money to purchase a Mac just because I know I will need to learn it in order to be able to teach my students in the way I would like to. Maybe the school I teach at someday will require it too. I also love Smart Boards and I grew up using them in school. Smart Boards are a wonderful way to teach, especially for math teachers. Teaching math on a Smart Board is quick and easy! Using different colors, shapes, and patterns will engage students in the lessons and they will not get bored. Smart Boards are also great for the environment. No dry erase markers, chalk, white board cleaner, or paper towels are being used. Smart Boards are interactive and still allow students to come up to the board and work out the problems or circle the right answer. Technology is now and teachers need to use it! Maybe technology isn't best for all situations, but it is a great tool to engage students in a fun way of learning!


  1. I completely agree with what you're saying about technology in the classroom. I think that it is a necessity for us as future educators to learn how to use these technologies now so that once we are in the class we can use them fluently enough. When I was in high school we also had smart boards and I loved them. They make it so much easier for an educator because you are able to minimize the time that you have to take to clean boards and maximize the time you are able to teach. I think that you are spot on with the idea of technology being now and we have to use it. I hope that we are able to become more fluent through this from this course.