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Friday, February 27, 2015

Comments4Kids Summary for Month of February

Angel D.

I had the pleasure of commenting on Angel D's blog from Mrs. Weil's Fourth Grade Froggies class blog. Angel had wrote about how it is hard for her to write on her blog, because she gets stuck with a lot of words. I left a comment saying how her imagination is the key to writing. I told Angel that she should think of a memory or a beautiful dream that she has had that makes her happy, and that she should write about one of those in her blog posts. I even told her my dream that I use whenever my mind is blank, and told her that she could use my dream to help her if she would like. Some children may not have the best of memories or the happiest of dreams due to many reasons. Some children may have a bad life at home or have some sort of medical issue that impairs them. Although I do not know anything about Angel other than she is in Mrs. Weil's class, if she does not have a good memory or a happy dream, then I am glad that I let her use mine.
Angel D's Blog

Tyler U.

I commented on Tyler U's blog from Boylen's 8th grade Language Arts Classes, and I would just like to say that Tyler is a great writer! Tyler's post talked about his winter break that his school had and how he was able to spend a lot of time with family and also see some family that he has never seen before. I told Tyler that having breaks from school was great, because it gives you a chance to relax and not have to worry about the more difficult things in life. But, that school was important and going back after break was great, because there is always time for learning!
Tyler U's Blog


I loved the topic that Aiden blogged about on the Hartmen/Centeno Readers and Authors class blog. Aiden talked about the book Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Although I had not read the book, I have seen the movie, and I was able to follow along exactly with what Aiden was saying. I thought it was great how Aiden did not spoil the ending of the book just in case someone was reading his blog that had not read the Harry Potter series before. In one part of Aiden's blog he began to talk about a port key. I thought it was wonderful how he defined what a port key was before he continued on with his story. I am sure defining that word really helped the readers of Aiden's blog understand more of the material. At the end of Aiden's blog post he asked a question: "If you could make a portkey on a object where would you want to send the person who touches it?" Aiden really seems to have a lot of interest in the book he was reading, and it is great that he wanted feedback from his readers!


I commented on Torrance's blog posted titled Tupac from Moments that Matter with Mrs. Maslowski blog. Torrance talked about how Tupac was a great rapper, but also that Tupac was multi-talented since he was a poet along with other things. Torrance also said that he admires Tupac's poems and song lyrics and that was because he grew up listening Tupac with his father. I told Torrance that I really liked the person he chose to blog about for Black History Month, but I thought that Torrance should have told more about what happened to Tupac. Giving the reader more information about Tupac could help them to better understand Torrance's blog post. Torrance did insert a picture in his blog post, and I think that is a great way to show his reader's what Tupac looked like!

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