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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blog Post #5 First Post

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) are a set of people and tools that one can call upon for help, consultation, collaboration, education, or other assistance. A PLN is an ocean filled with knowledge. PLNs provide more opportunities for learning than ever before. As an educator I will have to be willing to try new things, and learn collectively. To establish a PLN you must formulate questions or identify a subject of interest. You must search out people, places, and organizations from which you will learn. My EDM 310 class gave us an assignment of creating a Twitter account. I believe that Twitter is a great way to create my own PLN. I have already followed some educators on Twitter and what I have seen has been amazing. If you would like to see some of the things I have, look at who I am following on my Twitter profile. One person in particular that I have followed is Michelle Rhee. Michelle Rhee is the founder of the organization called StudentsFirst and the former Washing D. C. Public Schools Chancellor. Last year I had to do a research paper for my EH 101 class on proper education in schools. I came upon Michelle Rhee while I was searching through books in the library. I was so intrigued by her ideas on education that I read her book in its entirety. Rhee's book is titled Radical: Fighting to Put Students First. Michelle Rhee is the first person that I added to my PLN and I encourage you to follow her on Twitter. PLNs are exciting and interesting tools for learning, and I am so glad that I have finally established my own PLN!

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