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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog Post #10

Mrs. Cassidy's approach to the use of technology in her classroom is wonderful! Mrs. Cassidy's first grade students write in their blogs once a week, and she believes that this helps them become better writers. Using blogging in a physical education classroom is also useful, according to Mrs. Cassidy. Blogging in physical education is not focusing on improving student's writing, but it is a great tool for teachers to post their lessons on. Teachers can post their lessons to inform students early about what to expect in class. This is a great tool for all teachers!

Mrs. Cassidy's first grade students play on Nintendo DS gaming systems. I think this is a really neat tool, because children learn so much from videogames. I know when I was little, I used to play Brain Age on my Nintendo DS and it helped me tremendously! Brain Age is a mathematics game. It has many math questions including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Brain Age also includes a Sudoku section within the game. This is a great section for critical thinking and also utilizes addition and subtraction. This game lets students practice problems multiple times and analyzes their "brain age"; it also shows students their progress throughout the game. I would absolutely love to use this game in my classroom, because I believe students will love it, it will exercise their brains, and they will learn more.

During student blogging time, Mrs. Cassidy sometimes takes her students to the computer lab. I believe that getting the students out of the classroom and into another environment will make them more excited to learn. I think taking students outside every once and a while and teaching a lesson can really make students happy. Sure, outside could distract them but so can something in a classroom. Students need spontaneity in their lives and I believe this will engage students so much more than strict classroom procedures. Mrs. Cassidy knows what needs to be done to engage students and spark their creativity. I will absolutely use some of Mrs. Cassidy's ideas in my classroom.
This was my favorite video by Mrs. Cassidy:

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