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Friday, March 13, 2015

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Jenny Luca

On Jenny Luca's blog, she posted a video titled The Time You Have (In Jellybeans). Jenny Luca watched this video for the first time in a school assembly. The student leaders asked the girls in the audience how they were spending their time that was left. Jenny Luca stated, "I think it made an impact on all of us sitting there watching it. Thinking about how much time you spend doing things that seem inconsequential when you look at life as a collection of jelly beans makes you take stock." She also goes on and says, "Have a good weekend. Make the most of these two days." Jenny Luca posts something on her blog just about every Friday and tells her readers to have a good weekend. I think that is a wonderful thing that she is doing! The video that Jenny Luca shared really makes us step back and take a look at how we are spending our time. It really made me believe that we actually do not have as much time on the Earth as we think we do, and that we need to make our lives greater. I think Jenny Luca's post was great motivation for her readers!
Jenny Luca's Blog: Lucacept-Intercepting the Web

I read Jenny Luca's blog post titled Technostress and she posted a video that she used to start up a discussion in her classroom.

This video sparked a discussion about sexualization of young girls and entrepreneurship as well. Luca says that this video had nothing to do with the lessons that they were learning in class, but that she believes in using anything that will get the brain juices flowing in the morning, which I think is great! The rest of her post simply stated all the technology that she used in her classroom that day. At the end though, Luca says that she believes that even though teachers are somewhat scared to introduce technology into their classroom, she also believes that teachers who do use technology would be even more scared to have it removed. I left a comment on her blog post saying how the video she posted had me in shock, because I had never been able to imagine the Bratz dolls in any other form than their original. It is amazing how someone can be so creative and simply turn a doll into something that speaks to the world in a positive way! Also, I love the way she uses to videos in the morning to get the students ready for the day.

Jenny Luca's Blog: Lucacept-Intercepting the Web

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