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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Comments4Kids Summary for Month of March


I commented on Andre's Blog in the Moments That Matter Class Blog with Mrs. Maslowski. Andre blogged about Friday the 13th and some superstitions that are associated with this day. Andre has been the first person to ever inform me about these superstitions, so I made sure to tell him thank you for being a great teacher today! Andre did use some sources in his blog post, but left out the necessary quotation marks. I made sure to tell Andre to insert those quotation marks, but also informed him why it is important to use them each time so that he can give credit to the sources. Andre seems like a very well-educated student, and I look forward to reading more of his blog posts!


I had the opportunity to comment on a student's blog, Harsh, on the class blog called Moments that Matter with Mrs. Maslowski. Harsh wrote about a test called the PLAN that all the students had to take at school. At first, Harsh said that guessing on all the answers was the best way to go until Harsh found out the significance of the test. The test is supposed to show Harsh's ranking in class and in the school as a whole. Harsh said that the only reason anyone does well on tests is because they get a good nights sleep and eat breakfast in the morning. I thought it was great that Harsh gave examples on how to prepare for a test. I told Harsh in my comment that I loved how much caring was shown throughout the blog post. But, I had to inform Harsh that the blog post did have some grammar mistakes and that they were simple fixes. Harsh seems like a very intelligent student!

Nathan S.

Reading Nathan's Blog really made my day! Nathan is so intelligent and he is only in seventh grade! He sounded so sophisticated, and I really thought that he had to be in high school. Once I found out that he wasn't, I was shocked but in a good way. Nathan talked about a book he read titled Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer by John Grisham. He explained a little bit about the novel, but Nathan never gave away the story. Nathan compelled me and made me want to read the book! Nathan is very good with his words. Once I read that it was a mystery novel, I was very excited. Mystery novels are my favorite type of books! I told Nathan to keep up the good work and that he truly impressed me!

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